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Rules for golfing at Golfclub Waldhof

Course rules of Golfclub Waldhof (33-8a)

The course rules and wagering conditions are published both on the info board of Golfclub Waldhof e.V.

The Waldhof Golf Club is based on the official golf rules of the R & A Rules Limited (including the Amateur Statute), the ÖGV betting game recommendations and the special court rules of the GC Waldhof.

1. Driving Range

It is strictly forbidden to enter the driving range outside the designated teeing grounds.
In case of illegal crossing / entering of the driving range, the Birdie-cashpoint will be pleased about your donation in the amount of € 30.

2. Marks

  • Borders: white pegs or white lines
  • Ground in repair: blue pegs or white lines
  • Frontal water obstacle: yellow pegs or yellow lines
  • Side water obstacle: red pegs or red lines

3. Water obstacle

For frontal and lateral water obstacles, the respective mowing limit applies as a precise delimitation. The biotopes at fairways 6 and 9 are not allowed to enter.

4. Distance markers

  • Green pegs with a white stripe - 50 meters to green center
  • Green pegs with two white stripes - 100 meters to green center

5. Obstacles and space components

  • All paths and bridges, except in water obstacles, are obstacles.
  • Stones in the bunker are moving obstacles and may be removed.
  • The wooden structure as well as the gravel bed of the drainage behind the green at fairway 6 are obstacles.
  • Supported trees are obstacles.
  • The rocks at fairway 4, fairwayd 6 and fairway 8 are not obstacles and thus components of the course!

6. Special features of individual fairways

Fairway 4:

The path along the fairway 4 is considered to be an immovable obstacle to Golf Rules 24-2 and 24-2b may be relieved. In the area in which the path is not recognizable as such, the player relief may not be accepted.

Fairway 5:

Particular care should be taken on pedestrians and vehicles in the street, as well as on the adjacent houses and persons and objects located there. The markdown marks must under no circumstances be changed. The ball may only be knocked off when the tee of the fairway 6 is free. If a beaten ball does not hit the play ground, but rather a neighboring property, this must be reported to the secretariat, specifying the exact time, even if no visible damage has occurred!

Fairway 6:

Special care should be taken on pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

In case of loss of possession in the biotope at fairway 6, the player can proceed according to rule 26 (water obstacles). As an additional option, the game may be resumed at the end of the biotope on the dropping zone with a penalty strike.
If the ball is lost on fairway 6 in the right side, the dropping zone must not be used. Only rule 27 applies here (ball lost or off, provisional ball)
If the ball is at fairway 6 in front of the rock (rule 28 ball unplayable) it may be dropped on the podium with a penalty stroke. If the ball is in front of the drainage wood (rule 24-2 immovable obstruction) it may be dropped on the podium become. If the ball is on the podium at the drainage at the back end of the green on the gravel bed (Rule 24-2 immovable obstruction), the ball may be dropped closer to the flag, but on the podium without penalty.

Fairway 7:

For safety reasons, no tee is allowed for more than 150 meters at fairway 7. When hitting the green direction, make sure that the ball is not played in the direction of the farm (attention: sloping the fairway, the ball tends to deviate further to the right!). Each stroke, which was played in the direction of the farm or in the direction of the parking lot, must be reported to the secretariat with an indication of the exact time, even if no visible damage has occurred!

Fairway 8:

On the driving range, which is crossed by fairway 8, entering is strictly prohibited! The path from the tee to the fairway follows the signposting right along the path and past the tees and teeing ground, even though the driving range is not being used. Golfers should be a role model for non-golfers and children. The driving range is marked as complete. Should a ball come to rest in the driving range, the player may proceed in accordance with rule 27 (ball lost or off, provisional ball). If the ball comes to rest in another zone or can not be found within five minutes, then rule 27 (ball lost or off, provisional ball) is mandatory. In case of illegal crossing or entering of the driving range, the Birdie-Kassa will be pleased about your donation of 30 Euro.

Fairway 9:

At the out border on the left next to the fairway 9, entering the neighboring property is strictly forbidden. If the ball comes into the area to the right of the green (red pegs with white mark) it must be dropped by a penalty strike in the marked dropping zone behind the green.

7. Special court rules

  • Special care should be taken on pedestrians (hiking trails) and adjacent land.
  • It is forbidden to carry dogs throughout the facility.

8. Etiquette

  • Return divots 
  • Repair pitchmarken 
  • Remove bunker marks
  • Play through faster flights
  • Please dress appropriately (no blue jeans)
  • Players coming from Tee 9 take precedence

9. Greenkeeper

Special attention must be paid to the greenkeepers. In case of a meeting a continued play is allowed only after contact. The instructions of the Greenkeeper must be followed.

10. Others

  • Reset empty ball baskets
  • Start only from tee 1
  • Do not take shortcuts
  • The golf course is a one way! In the case of premature termination of a round it is essential to continue in the game direction and then leave the golf course. Never go against the game direction.
  • Four-, before three-, before two-flights
  • Register before the start in green fee book
  • Play through faster flights